I’m Ruby, and this is my blog. Let me tell you why I write it.

Current reality has its merits, and so do I.  But both reality and I are far from the limits from just how good we could be – we could be so amazing! I find that inspiring and I’m hell-bent to get there. I hope you’ll join me.

Here, I’ll share my thoughts and findings as I work to become stronger. I’ll write about whichever challenges I’ve been working of late. Recently, the general topic has been how to operate a human brain. This has led me to investigate matters such as emotion, willpower, motivation, burnout, attention, meditation, and the like. I’m a huge fan of the neglected virtue of scholarship, and I like to start my explorations by launching off existing science.

DSC_8882If you’re curious about who this uncomplacent bugger really is, here’s a picture of me. I’m from Melbourne, though I hope to move to the San Francisco Bay Area soon. I’ve nearly completed degrees in engineering, philosophy, and, psychology. I’m married to the best Canadian girl there ever was.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I like the disclaimer!

    My sense is what you also might be trying to get at is the notion of “if something here strikes you as crazy, don’t expect that I’ll necessarily argue my own point back at you indefinitely if you bring it up. I might agree that what I said before doesn’t make sense!”

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